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Real Stories

Pamela Stark, Age 58

" I saw myself going from forgetting people's names, forgetting phone numbers, forgetting you name it, to having it at my fingertips."

Denise Kiselyak, Age 52

"It gives you back that little snap that just makes you connect things much more quickly."

Nancy Smith, Age 68

"I thought I was just getting old. I thought it was just a part of being old. I had no idea that anything could be different or so much better."

Sharyll Bundies, Age 66

"It is making a difference. I see it. I feel it and I know it."

Don Ward, Age 59

"I was losing my confidence. I thought I'm forgetting so many things. I don't have that anymore. I don't even think about that. I'm not even worried about that."

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