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How It Works

How Cebria® works

What contributes to age-related memory loss?

A main contributor to age-related memory loss is the reduction in neuropeptides in the brain. Neuropeptides allow neurons to branch out and make crucial connections, which are the key to memory. When you're young, your body is able to produce critical neuropeptides in abundance, keeping the brain healthy and connected. As you grow older, your body is less efficient in this process, so the brain receives fewer neuropeptides.

Common signs of age-related memory loss

Due to this decline in neuropeptides, the aging brain is less able to make new connections, resulting in symptoms of age-related memory loss:

  • forgetting names, where you put your keys, why you walked into a room, or where you parked the car
  • overall mental fuzziness or confusion
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    Starting at age 25, memory begins to decline, so that by age 50, as much as 50% of short-term memory has been lost, and the decline continues unless action is taken to preserve and protect the memory mechanisms in the brain. By supplying your brain with the necessary neuropeptides, you can dramatically improve short-term memory.

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    Safe and Effective

    Cebria® is recognized around the world as a safe and effective supplement for brain support, with over 12 million doses taken around the globe and Cebria supplements those neuropeptides that your body produced in abundance when you were younger.

    Meet the Experts

    Dr. Marcus Laux, N.D.
    Physician, Researcher & Cebria® Spokesperson Cites double-blind study, showing that neuropeptides are the secret to battling age-related memory loss.
    Dr. Herbert Moessler, Ph.D.
    Molecular Biologist, Head of Research & Development for the company that developed Cebria®. Has shown through research that Cebria® creates a significant improvement in memory.
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    In a double-blind study, Cebria® was shown to significantly improve short-term memory in test subjects. That's why it's so important that you try Cebria® today risk-free.
    Dr. Marcus Laux, N.D.
    Physician, Researcher, and
    Cebria® Spokesperson
    Dr. Marcus Laux has found that neuropeptides are the key to brain health. Neuropeptides help neurons branch out to make connections, and connections are the key to strong memory.

    Even though your body produces neuropeptides on its own, production decreases with age, and that is why Cebria® is so important - so you can protect and strengthen your brain's neural connections, and allow new connections to be made. With Cebria®, restore your memory and confidence!
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